We need YOUR help with an exciting new resource!

We need YOUR help with an exciting new resource!

Drama Victoria and ILBIJERRI Theatre Company are collaborating on an exciting new resource... and we're asking YOU to tell us what you need: What barriers do you face? What are you already doing? What have you always wanted to ask?

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VCAA Update: "The Insect" monologue

Changes to the VCAA monologue for 'The Insect'....
Teachers should note that the set text for Monologue 10 The Insect Play, by Josef and Karel ńĆapek, omits all lines from Lepidopterist and all lines from A Voice, Voice of Ant-Soldier, Voice of Ant-Commander, Voice of Mr Beetle, Voice of a Butterfly, Voice of Cricket, Voice of Ichneumon Fly, Voices, Chrysalis, Moths, Voices of Moths, First Moth, Second Moth, Third Moth, Chorus, Chrysalis-Moth and A Few Last Moths...

A Message from Drama Australia: NJ Journal

Drama Australia has been working to transition our NJ publication to a professional publisher which will allow the publication to attract authors both local and internationally and also grow the number of issues annually.