Vision, Mission & Values


Drama Victoria is the peak body for Drama and Theatre Education in Victoria and is a not-for-profit organisation. Established in 1968, Drama Victoria is the oldest Drama teacher association in Australia.



Drama Victoria's mission is to 'support, develop and advocate for Drama Education in Victoria'.


Motto:  'Empowerment through imagination'



The purposes of Drama Victoria are:

To advocate for, and represent the voices of Victorian Drama and Theatre educators; and in particular to: 

  • Provide relevant and high quality professional development opportunities and resources;

  • Support all Drama and Theatre educators including beginning, experienced, isolated and rural educators with access to mentorship, networking opportunities and resources;

  • Support the development of sustainable professional practices for Drama and Theatre educators;

To promote the development of Drama and Theatre education throughout Victoria; and in particular to:

  • Advocate for and foster Drama and Theatre as a discrete subject area, and as a pedagogical approach to enhance student learning across the curriculum;

  • Encourage ways that Drama and Theatre can be used as a tool to explore diversity and nurture inclusivity and positive representations of culture and identity;

  • Initiate and encourage research related to the study of Drama and Theatre education;

  • Provide information on assessment, curriculum development and government and educational initiatives in the area of Drama and Theatre;

  • Establish and maintain partnerships with the Performing Arts industry, related professionals and Cultural Organisations

To co-operate with other state and national bodies, and promote these objectives at a national level; and in particular to:

  • Collaborate with State and National bodies on issues relating to legislation and policy change in education in conjunction with Drama Australia.

Our Values:

  • Service

  • Leadership

  • Inspiration

  • Creativity

  • Excellence

Key Services:

  • Professional development - workshops, seminars, masterclasses & conferences

  • Teaching resources and publications

  • Networking opportunities

  • Curriculum and assessment information