drama victoria theatre festival

What is DVTF?

The Drama Victoria Theatre Festival is a revival of the Monash Schools Theatre Festival that seeks to nurture a new and exciting model for teachers and students. We are now entering the third year of this state-wide festival celebrating excellence and diversity in drama. Hundreds of Year 9 and 10 students come together for workshops and performances to create work and share ideas – not to compete, but to explore and learn what drama and performance means to different people.

The 2017 festival will build on the success of the past two years, as we take feedback from returning schools to make this a participant-driven event. We will continue to focus on the creative development of young theatre makers by giving them an opportunity to workshop creative ideas with their peers, learn new ways of approaching performance and, most importantly, to discover new creative perspectives to expand their engagement with drama. Participating students (Year 9/10) and schools will work across the period of the Festival, starting with a series of "stimulus day" workshops in early March held at Monash University. The ideas and skills generated on this stimulus day will be the first step towards creating an original performance work that the students will eventually share in ‘cluster performance groups’ hosted at local school venues towards the end of semester.


Want a better feel for what the Festival is like for the students? Watch this highlight reel from the first festival in 2015.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?


An entry fee of $400 is payable*, which includes:
- Participation of up to 25 students from Years 9/10
- A full day of creative development workshops at Monash University (plus this year one workshop day will be held in Ballarat)
- Learning materials reflective of and based on intended outcomes from the creative development workshops
- Participation in dress rehearsals at your Host School
- Participation in the final performance at your Host School
- Dinner for your students at the performance evening
- Access to local networks within your cluster
- Marketing materials to encourage parents and friends to come experience the performance outcomes (note, there is no cost for audience members to attend)
- Access to a professional Producer for the duration of the Festival period (March - June)

* Assistance with fees and travel is available for schools in difficult circumstances: please contact director@dramavictoria.vic.edu.au

How do I participate?


Have a spare five minutes? Simply fill in this online form! This is an expression of interest only - you are not committing yourself to anything yet, just flagging that you are interested in being a part of the 2017 Festival - we will only ask you to commit once you are offered to be a particular performance cluster. Should we find ourselves with more applications than we can accommodate, selection will be based on the date of your EOI submission, school availability and geography. Although certain clusters tend to fill up very quickly we do our best to make sure everyone gets into their first or second preference if possible.

First round of offers will go out Wednesday 8 February but if you need more time please just email festival@dramavictoria.vic.edu.au and we can make sure you are a part of the 2017 Festival.

Key Dates

Key dates for the 2017 Festival:

EOI currently open

School placements will be offered on Wednesday 8 February

EOI will remain open until Friday 24 February for any clusters that still have availability

“Stimulus Day” workshops at Monash University will occur on five dates between 7 - 14 March. The stimulus material is released the morning of the workshops, and the day will be spent exploring ideas and techniques for responding to it

Performance making period will be 14 March - Late May. During this time student devised work is made in the classroom or as a co-curricular activity.

"Process Day" visits will also occur between 14 March - Late May. Representatives from Drama Victoria will visit every school to observe a small part of everyone's creative development process and share these snapshots of comparitive ideas of artistic process with all students and teachers involved in the Festival.

Performance evenings will occur between 29 May - 9 June. This will include an afternoon dress rehearsal at the host venue and a showing of every group's work in the evening.

We have attempted to represent a broad geographical area but are aware there are some key regional areas that would find it difficult to participate. We would love to find some keen host schools for future years, and if you would like to be a part of the festival but feel your area is not represented please let us know! Email festival@dramavictoria.vic.edu.au with any feedback you might have.