16th Street Actors Studio Youth Program

Professional training for young actors, 14 to 16 years.

This program will empower you to find your voice and share your stories. Actors are exposed to the most advanced techniques from the United States. Our mission is to give young people the best opportunity to have a successful future in the arts and in life.

16th Street Youth Open Day

Join us and learn about our cutting edge training for Youth

2017 VCE Drama & Theatre Studies Resource Kits


AVAILABLE MID JUNE 2017 (Depending on date of VCAA announcement)

The Unit 4 VCE Drama Performance Examination Resource Kit

The Unit 4 VCE Theatre Studies Performance Examination Resource Kit

The VCE Trial Exams will be available later in the year.

A Departure... and a Job Opportunity

Our Director of Programs is bidding you 'Adieu!'

A message for VCE teachers from the VCAA...

A message for VCE teachers from the VCAA...

A Message From Drama Australia...

Registrations are now open for the 2016 Drama Australia Symposium!

A Message from Drama Australia: NJ Journal

Drama Australia has been working to transition our NJ publication to a professional publisher which will allow the publication to attract authors both local and internationally and also grow the number of issues annually.

A message from VCAA: 2017 VCE Drama and Theatre Studies arrangements...

A notice from the VCAA containing information for VCE Drama and Theatre Studies 2017 performance examination arrangements.

A Message from VCAA: VCE Theatre Studies Stagecraft Examination - Madame Arcati

A  Message from the VCAA regarding the Madame Arcati monologue

A REMINDER for VCE Teachers!

PLEASE NOTE: According to the Exam Specifications tables are NO LONGER going to be provided in VCE Drama Solo Examination rooms OR VCE Theatre Studies Stagecraft Examination rooms.

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