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Remote Teaching Resources

The COVID-19 crisis had a deep impact on education, particularly the challenge of teaching and learning drama remotely.

Many organisations and individuals were very generous in developing remote teaching resources, and in most cases, offering these resources at no cost. On behalf of the Victorian Drama and Theatre community - thank you!

Drama Victoria also developed has a range of remote and face-to-face teaching resources available to its members.  These resources can be accessed via login to Drama Victoria's member portal.


Whilst this list is not exhaustive, we hope that the compilation of this central repository will assist you in both remote and face-to-face teaching. If you have a resource you'd like to include on this page and share with your peers, please forward to


Curriculum Resources

Drama Victoria 2020 Virtual Conference - Kaleidoscope: Shifting Perspectives in Drama Education

Cost: Set of 27 x Professional Development workshops - $175 (inc GST) or $20 (inc GST) for an individual workshop

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Drama teachers witnessed the turning of the dial, and the many shifting perspectives experienced through the challenges and opportunities that remote teaching offered teachers and students.Kaleidoscope: shifting perspectives in Drama education invited contributions from practitioners, educators, industry and research to respond to one of the following themes:  Reflecting on Drama education, Changing views and perspectives and the Essential components or ‘parts’ of Drama education.

Drama Victoria Presents...Remote Self Learning Activies for Years 5-8

These free videos are designed for remote teaching by Drama teachers. Students can watch all or part of an episode to support your learning intention. Students are encouraged to create their own work or attempt exercises at various times throughout and so it is appropriate to pause or stop the video so you can work with them to develop their understanding. Eight episodes including: Improvising Drama, Empathy in Drama, Scripting Drama, Neutral Scripts, Status in Drama, Object Stories, Compare the Styles. Written and presented by Nicholas Waxman. Produced by Drama Victoria in association with State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training)

Drama Victoria Presents...Core Concepts for VCE   Non-Members $20 for series or $5/episode.  Members Free (Members click here for Promo Code)

Drama Victoria Presents...Core Concepts for VCE is a five episode video resource to help teachers introduce, discuss and explore core concepts for these VCE subjects: * Analysis and Evaluation    * Application of Symbol    * Exploring Context   * Mini Solo Task   * Transformation Techniques

These videos are designed to be used as an introduction to a new content,  to reinforce classroom learning, and as a revision tool or reference for experienced students. Students can watch all or part of an episode to support your learning intention.  Students are encouraged to create their own work or attempt exercises at various times throughout and so it is appropriate to pause or stop the video so you can work with them to develop their understanding.These videos are yours to use however you wish in a face-to-face or online teaching environment. Written and presented by Nicholas Waxman

Drama Victoria Professional Learning Series - Road Test: Mock Lessons for Primary Drama Education  $10/episode, $25/set of 3 episodes.

This series of three 45 minute workshops, takes participants through a few mock lessons for primary Drama classes including welcome activities, warm-ups, thinking routines, First Nations content and creative play. Participants work together to reflect on each lesson and talk through any scaffolding, flexibly, adaptions and differentiation.

Key skills for lower primary include: character work, understanding space, manipulating the expressive skills and process drama.
Key skills for middle primary include: theatre styles, sustaining a role, manipulating the expressive skills and including tension and empathy in your theatrical work.
Key skills for upper primary include: script work and improvisation, establishing mood, performance styles, devised drama and expressive skills.

Each video description contains link to download the PowerPoint presentation. Presented by Nicholas Waxman.

Drama Victoria Professional Learning Series - In this Together: Reconciliation through Drama Education

Cost: $19.99 (inc GST)     Presented by Danielle Hradsky & Kristy Griffin - members of Drama Victoria's Committee of Management.

In this practical workshop Drama Victoria explores what reconciliation means for Drama education. Using "process drama" techniques we explore the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations, historical acceptance, equality and equity, institutional integrity, and unity. The activities are designed for a middle years (7-10) Drama class (however, it can be adapted for senior secondary or primary school) so that you can use the workshop with your own classes if you wish. When you purchase this video, please email a copy of your receipt to Drama Victoria and you will be forwarded the PowerPoint presentation and lesson plans -


Theatre Studies: Exploring Design

Cost: $19.99 (inc GST)     Presented by Shane Woon

Design in Theatre Studies can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for teachers and students. The balance between inspirations, personal style and needs of the play are hard to balance. This workshop explores ways to help your senior Theatre Studies students approach design for script interpretation and their monologues. 


A Conversation with Drama Victoria: COVID-19 Safe Practice for Putting on a School Production

Members Free (Members click here for Promo Code) Non-Members: $20.00 (inc GST)     Presented by Andrew Byrne, Jeremy Rice, Lucy Angell

The constantly evolving COVID-19 landscape has changed how we live, and of course, how we teach inside the classroom. But what about outside it? What are the best practices to safely move forward with school productions? Without knowing when audiences will return, what are most feasible and achievable options for performance. Which guidelines should we be following… and how much do we need to think outside the box?  This Conversation with Drama Victoria will include a presentation from guest speaker Jeremy Rice, Head of Education and Families at Melbourne Theatre Company. Jeremy has been working closely with Live Performance Australia and the MEAA to create and implement guidelines for theatre practice in preparation for rehearsal and the live-streamed performance of SLAP.BANG.KISS.


Evolving Culture - A Middle Years Drama Unit  $29.95 Non-Members, Members: Free (Members click here then scroll down page to VCE & Middle Years)

A fully-developed one-term unit of work, exploring the connections between culture, stories, and identity.  As well as their personal identities, students engage with the complexities of exploring and expressing First Nations characters, cultures, and stories. Evolving Culture is based on the 2020 Drama Victoria Theatre Festival workshops, but has been further developed to include an entire term's work. Included in this package is a student booklet, which allows students to work independently at home, a teacher unit-plan with suggestions for dividing up the work, an assessment rubric aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, and a teacher PowerPoint to get you started with 'face-to-face' lessons. Assessment tasks include an interactive art installation performance, two monologues, and an ensemble performance - all of which can be completed in isolation.

Top Class Drama Online 2020

The VCAA selected thirteen performers to participate in Top Class Drama Online – a series of self-taped videos of outstanding solos, along with discussion forums exploring the process with these high-achieving performers. Top Class Online gives current performing arts students valuable insight into what is required to achieve excellence in their study. Top Class Drama Online has been divided into three virtual ‘concerts’, each comprising videos of four or five diverse solos along with an audio-recorded discussion forum with performers, presented by Chief Assessor for Drama Bronwyn Egan.

Top Class Theatre Studies Online 2020

The VCAA selected eighteen performers to participate in Top Class Theatre Studies Online – a series of self-taped videos of outstanding solos, along with discussion forums exploring the process with these high-achieving actors/directors and designers. Top Class Online gives current performing arts students valuable insight into what is required to achieve excellence in their study. Top Class Theatre Studies Online has been divided into four virtual ‘concerts’, each comprising videos of four or five diverse monologue interpretations along with an audio-recorded discussion forum with performers, presented by Chief Assessor for Theatre Studies Richard Sallis.


A Day at the Museum Prepared by Janine McKenzie. This activity starts with a treasure hunt, where students gather some of the props they can use for the activity. Then show students a slide and give them a few moments to recreate one of the images on the slide, with available props (and pets...). Depending upon the class, students can turn on their cameras to show their version of the painting or they can take a photo and share their recreation of the stimulus image. 

ABC EducationThousands of free curriculum-linked resources for school teachers and students!

Arts Centre Melbourne At Home Classroom: Resources Library. Extensive archive of resources to find the best lessons, activities and ideas to help add some creative learning into your online learning. This library will be updated regularly. 

ARTS:LIVE offers fun, colourful, and immersive Arts Learning content that will stimulate student imagination, encourage play, and support their learning. Australian teachers qualify for free Arts Learning content. Head to the account settings section of the site to validate your credentials.

ATOM Resources for Online & Remote Learning; Indigenous Learning

Australian Plays Education Resources: A selection of resources created for online teaching. Each script and the accompanying activities are designed as a mini unit of work or series of lessons for students to do solo, in pairs and in collaboration and take place over several days or spread across two or more weeks. 

AYTP (Australian Theatre for Young People) On Demand: ATYP’s brand new Workshop Series, an exclusive online resource for drama teachers and students. The Workshop Series: Secondary and Primary, is an exciting extension to AYTP's On Demand platform and is FREE for teachers and students across Australia. 

Bell Shakespeare Online Resources - Explore many interviews, videos, teacher packs, apps and more.

Commedia dell 'arte Investigations & Tasks - Prepared by Merryn Anstee, Firbank Grammar School

Dance Resources for Distant Learning - Developed by Candice Egan. A range of movement and choreography tasks suitable for the drama and dance classroom.

Dead Puppet Society - Participants are guided through a series of exercises using common household/classroom materials to gain skills in both design and performance that are fundamental to visual theatre practice. DPS Digital Workshops are accessed through a series of short videos available online, making them available for presentation both in the classroom or at home.

Drama 101 - YouTube Channel by Ryan John. Each video contains video examples of each of the Drama skills and some suggested written activities for each skill.

Drama Bingo for Online Learning - developed by Barbara Joseph. Suitable for Junior Years.

Drama Online Teaching - Google Drive Shared Folder established by Victorian teacher, Julie Stephens, with contributions from numerous teachers. Includes resources for Primary, Middle Years and VCE. Additional contributions welcome.  You will need an email linked to a Google account to access this resource.

Drama Online is now available to academic institutions upon request through the end of May 2020, at no cost or obligation and on an unlimited access basis.

Drama Victoria Suggested Online Performance for U3O1 and U1O4 - Prepared by Ashleigh Phillips

Drama Victoria Theatre Festival Design Tips - Prepared by Krystalla Pearce

Drama Victoria VCE Drama Brainstorm - Brainstorm session held with VCE Drama teachers

Dramatist Play Service - TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: PLAYS FOR ONLINE THEATRE taps into the delights and frustrations of staying connected. This collection of socially distant shorts is designed to be performed on the internet as well as the stage.

Easy Stagecraft  - Online Stagecraft courses and resources for teachers and students Yr 7-12

Elements of Theatrical Composition 'Slides' resource - Prepared by Kamahl Russell. VCE Theatre Studies

Frankenstein U4OC3 Performance Evaluation Task - Prepared by Kamahl Russell. Includes interviews, links & clips with actors/director, playwright, designers, script, rehearsal diary and production guide. It has brief sections on Theatrical Styles, Context and use of Theatre Technologies.

Guide to Lighting Design - Prepared by Stephen Hawker, Belvoir

Into the Mask Theatre - Teach Commedia Online Starter Course

IRL Hub (Interactive Remote Learning): a service where schools and classroom teachers can commission professional presenters, from across the arts and entertainment industry, to develop interesting and engaging workshops for students across primary and secondary schools.

Lab Kelpie: remote teaching resource package for Drama, Theatre Studies and English teachers - Spencer by Katy Warner.  An excellent example of contemporary Australian writing and ensemble theatre for Drama and Theatre Studies students, as well an accessible work that provides rich stimulus for students studying a range of Arts and Humanities based subjects from Years 9 through 12.

Make-A-Scene Homemade Comedy A new series of online lesson plans delving into the world of comedy, slapstick, mime, sitcom, funny language, Commedia dell’Arte… and farts.

Movie in 60 Seconds - Four week Unit of work for Yr 8 Drama. Prepared by Lauren White

Morning Tea with MTC - A video series where teachers and students submit their questions to MTC staff and artists about theatre-making, production processes, career trajectories, or tips and tricks.

MTC Education Online: Digital Resources

National Theatre - at home: Enjoy world-class theatre online while the National Theatre UK is closed

NSW State Drama Festival Analysis - Prepared by Merryn Anstee, Firbank Grammar School

One Man, Two Guvnors - Preparation & Class Task: Prepared by Janine McKenzie. VCE Theatre Studies 3.2 task

Opera Australia Access All Areas: Livestream Program - FREE for primary schools to support teachers and students as they turn to remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is made up of four interactive live streamed workshops that introduce students to the artistic and creative elements involved in opera and concludes with an online performance of Jules Massenet's Cinderella.

Peeking Inside: Behind the Scenes of a Working Theatre - Prepared by Janine McKenzie.  Yr9/10 research and discovery task.

Playlab Theatre: remote learning resources

Primary Drama Online Lessons - The Aside Podcast. Also includes some extension activities at the bottom of the document for any drama clubs or passionate drama students you may have. Prepared by Nicholas Waxman

Puppetry: Year 7 Drama - Three Week Project. Prepared by Janine McKenzie

Puppetry: Year 8 Drama - Three Week Project. Prepared by Janine McKenzie

Remote Learning Games - Games and links. Prepared by Felicity Walter

Remote Primary Drama Lessons: Yrs F-6. Prepared by Tremaine Pavlovski

School Closure Playlist Resource - The Aside Podcast. Suitable for Primary Years. Each episode in the playlist has activities, questions and exercises for students to complete. They should take between 30-60 minutes to complete each episode activity sheet.

Slingsby Theatre Company: Students aged 8+ can view an online performance of ‘Emil and the Detectives’ plus have access to a variety of resources to complement their viewing of the show. There is also a study guide available for teachers with links to curriculum.

TE RITO TOI  helps teachers work with children when they first return to school following major traumatic or life changing events.  It does that by providing research informed practical classroom activities and lesson plans to help children better understand their changed world and to begin to see themselves as being part of the promise of new and better futures.

The Art of Making Art - docu series by Watch This  - An insight into the world of design and Sondheim's musicals, taking teachers and students 'backstage' and shining a light on the oft-invisible work of designers and what is required from practitioners in realising a full-scale theatrical production. Each episode is 7-9 minutes in duration. Episode 1: Meet the Designers    Episode 2: Pacific Overtures     Episode 3: Assassins & Company    Episode 4: Merrily We Roll Along & A Little Night Music   Episode 5: Sunday in the Park with George

The Drowsy Chaperone 3.2 research task, SAC task and script excerpt. Prepared by Michael Cooper

The Performologist - Hayden Spencer: If anyone is needing assistance developing practical content for online, Hayden Spencer might be able to help. Whilst ‘The Cursed Child’, is on break, he is consulting with schools to assist in creating content to support what's being done in the class.

VCE Drama - Key Terms and Definitions. Prepared by Emily Cerres

VCE Drama Unit 1 - Online Outcomes 1-3 - Prepared by Mandy Ellison. A Unit 1 Drama 'remote learning' devised performance unit for Outcomes 1 -3, utilising conventions of comedy performance styles and the stimulus of COVID-19. 

VCE U4OC1&2 (& Exam-Prep) Monologue Task. 9-lesson program. Prepared by Kamahl Russell  NOTE: Slide 29 > is a jump-off point to a Google Classroom page created for production roles - you will need to update each image with an inserted link to your own resources/pages, etc. Slide 35 > has two Google Forms which you WILL NEED to DUPLICATE and re-assign to your own 'Drive Folder' so you can collect your own students' self-evaluation feedback. These are easy to DUPLICATE - just ask your IT team to assist if stuck. 

VCE Theatre Studies Network Drive - Coordinated by Jonathan Bleakley

VCE Theatre Studies Unit 1 - Make 'em Laugh Unit - Prepared by Merryn Anstee, Firbank Grammar School

Yr 8 Monologue Task - Are You There?: Prepared by Paul Cotton, Learning Leader Performing Arts, Billanook College

Yr 8 Monologue Task - Terrifying Bedtime Story: Prepared by Paul Cotton, Learning Leader Performing Arts, Billanook College

Yr 10 Online Learning Task - The History of Theatre & Monologue: Prepared by Louise Daly, Mentone Grammar. This unit ooks at the history of theatre and monologue performance with numerous research projects and workshops. It’s a bit of a hybrid between drama and theatre so feel free to change terminology as suits.


Drama Victoria Zoom Conversations

VCE Theatre Studies

2 May 2020:   VCE Theatre Studies Remote Teaching Conversation with Drama Victoria - Tips and Tricks^, 2 May 2020, hosted by Andrew Byrne, Lyndy Clarke & Andrew Stoker

                       * Theatre Studies PowerPoint Presentation     * TS Zoom Session Chat   ^Due to technical challenges only the first 30 mins of sesssion was recorded

27 March 2020:  VCE Theatre Studies Remote Teaching: A Conversation with Drama Victoria - how will we do it? -  27 March 2020, hosted by Andrew Byrne and Lyndy Clarke


VCE Drama

2 May 2020:  VCE Drama Remote Teaching Conversation with Drama Victoria - Tips and Tricks, hosted by Tim Roach and Ashleigh Phillips

                     * Drama PowerPoint Presentation     * Drama Zoom Session Chat   VCE Drama Brainstorm (Padlet)

27 March 2020:  VCE Drama Remote Teaching: A Conversation with Drama Victoria - how will we do it? - hosted byTim Roach and Ashleigh Phillips


Middle Years

2 May 2020:  Middle Years Remote Teaching Conversation with Drama Victoria - Tips and Tricks,  hosted by Danielle Hradsky and Zachary Alaimo

                      *PowerPoint Presentation     * Zoom Session Chat   

27 March 2020:   Middle Years Remote Teaching: A Conversation with Drama Victoria - how will we do it?^  hosted by Danielle Hradsky and Zachary Alaimo

                            * Session Plan      * Session Chat      * PowerPoint Presentation    ^Due to technical challenges only the second 30 mins of sesssion was recorded


2 May 2020:  Primary Years Remote Teaching Conversation with Drama Victoria - Tips and Tricks, hosted by Nicholas Waxman and Dr Meg Upton

                      * PowerPoint Presentation        *  Zoom Session Chat

27 March 2020:  Primary Remote Teaching: A Conversation with Drama Victoria - how will we do it? - hosted by Nick Waxman and Nina Rossini

                           * Session Chat




Transitioning to Remote Learning/Teaching Drama Victoria Mask 2.0 article by Ashleigh Phillips

Teaching Performing Arts During the Pandemic - Howlround Theatre Commons

The Forgotten Art of Assembly (or, Why Theatre Makers Should Stop Making) by Nicholas Berger, Medium

Tips from a Veteran Home Schooler - Kate Moriarty, Eureka Street