Pre-Service to First Year Teacher Workshop

Cost: $16.50 (inc GST)

Hear experienced teachers and recent first year survivors offer their tips, tricks and expertise for how to tackle the big leap into the Drama classroom. Order via Drama Victoria's online shop.  Presented by Zachary Alaimo and Ashleigh Phillips.


Drama Victoria 2020 Virtual Conference - Kaleidoscope: Shifting Perspectives in Drama Education

Cost: Set of 27 x Profesional Develpment workshops - $165 (inc GST) or $20 (inc GST) for an individual workshop

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Drama teachers witnessed the turning of the dial, and the many shifting perspectives experienced through the challenges and opportunities that remote teaching offered teachers and students.

Kaleidoscope: shifting perspectives in Drama education invited contributions from practitioners, educators, industry and research to respond to one of the following themes:  
·   Reflecting on Drama education        ·  Changing views and perspectives         ·  The essential components or ‘parts’ of Drama education

A Conversation with Drama Victoria: COVID-19 Safe Practice for Putting on a School Production

Cost: $20.00 (inc GST)     Presented by Andrew Byrne, Jeremy Rice, Lucy Angell

The constantly evolving COVID-19 landscape has changed how we live, and of course, how we teach inside the classroom. But what about outside it? What are the best practices to safely move forward with school productions? Without knowing when audiences will return, what are most feasible and achievable options for performance. Which guidelines should we be following… and how much do we need to think outside the box?  This Conversation with Drama Victoria will include a presentation from guest speaker Jeremy Rice, Head of Education and Families at Melbourne Theatre Company. Jeremy has been working closely with Live Performance Australia and the MEAA to create and implement guidelines for theatre practice in preparation for rehearsal and the live-streamed performance of SLAP.BANG.KISS.


Theatre Studies: Exploring Design

Cost: $19.99 (inc GST)     Presented by Shane Woon

Design in Theatre Studies can be an intimidating and frustrating experience for teachers and students. The balance between inspirations, personal style and needs of the play are hard to balance. This workshop explores ways to help your senior Theatre Studies students approach design for script interpretation and their monologues. 


Drama Victoria Professional Learning Series - In this Together: Reconciliation through Drama Education

Cost: $19.99 (inc GST)     Presented by Danielle Hradsky & Kristy Griffin - members of Drama Victoria's Committee of Management.

In this practical workshop Drama Victoria explores what reconciliation means for Drama education. Using "process drama" techniques we explore the five dimensions of reconciliation: race relations, historical acceptance, equality and equity, institutional integrity, and unity. The activities are designed for a middle years (7-10) Drama class (however, it can be adapted for senior secondary or primary school) so that you can use the workshop with your own classes if you wish. When you purchase this video, please email a copy of your receipt to Drama Victoria and you will be forwarded the PowerPoint presentation and lesson plans - admin@dramavictoria.vic.edu.au.


Drama Victoria Presents...Core Concepts for VCE

$5/episode, $20/set of 5 episodes.  Drama Victoria members can access this video series for free. Click here to get Promo Code.

 A five episode video resource to help teachers introduce, discuss and explore core concepts for these VCE subjects:

* Transformation   * Context    * Symbol   * Analyse & Evaluate   * Mini Solo Task

These videos are designed to be used as an introduction to a new content,  to reinforce classroom learning, and as a revision tool or reference for experienced students. Students can watch all or part of an episode to support your learning intention.  Students are encouraged to create their own work or attempt exercises at various times throughout and so it is appropriate to pause or stop the video so you can work with them to develop their understanding.These videos are yours to use however you wish in a face-to-face or online teaching environment. Written and presented by Nicholas Waxman. 


Drama Victoria Presents...Remote Self Learning Activies for Years 5-8

These free videos are designed for remote teaching by Drama teachers. Students can watch all or part of an episode to support your learning intention. Students are encouraged to create their own work or attempt exercises at various times throughout and so it is appropriate to pause or stop the video so you can work with them to develop their understanding.

Eight episodes including: Improvising Drama, Empathy in Drama, Scripting Drama, Neutral Scripts, Status in Drama, Object Stories, Compare the Styles.

Written and presented by Nicholas Waxman. Produced by Drama Victoria in association with State of Victoria (Department of Education and Training)


Drama Victoria Professional Learning Series - Road Test: Mock Lessons for Primary Drama Education 

$10/episode, $25/set of 3 episodes.

This series of three 45 minute workshops, takes participants through a few mock lessons for primary Drama classes including welcome activities, warm-ups, thinking routines, First Nations content and creative play. Participants work together to reflect on each lesson and talk through any scaffolding, flexibly, adaptions and differentiation.

Key skills for lower primary include: character work, understanding space, manipulating the expressive skills and process drama.
Key skills for middle primary include: theatre styles, sustaining a role, manipulating the expressive skills and including tension and empathy in your theatrical work.
Key skills for upper primary include: script work and improvisation, establishing mood, performance styles, devised drama and expressive skills.

Each video description contains link to download the PowerPoint presentation. Presented by Nichola Waxman.


MAMA Project

The MAMA (Memories And Memorials Archive) Project is a Drama Australia initiative that involves a program of interviews with Drama and Theatre educators of distinction and wisdom who have thirty or more years of experience in their field. In this series of videos, Drama Victoria interviews 50+ drama legends.