Memories and Memorials Archive (MAMA) Project

The MAMA Project

A Summary 

The MAMA (Memories And Memorials Archive) Project is a Drama Australia initiative that involves a program of interviews with Drama and Theatre educators of distinction and wisdom who have thirty or more years of experience in their field. We affectionately refer to our MAMA interviewees as our ‘legends’.

The Victorian MAMA Project began in 2015. Drama Victoria set a target of uncovering and interviewing 50 ‘legends’ in time for the 2018 Drama Australia Conference, which Drama Victoria hosted. As the 2018 Conference (‘Continuum’) coincided with Drama Victoria’s 50th Birthday, it was particularly significant for Drama Victoria to capture one MAMA interview for each year of our Association’s existence. By 2018 we reached our target and, in our quest, we uncovered numerous other eminent Drama and Theatre teachers who fulfilled the ‘legend’ criteria. Drama Victoria has a dedicated sub-committee member (Robyn Kay) in charge of the MAMA project to ensure that it continues.

Drama Victoria acknowledge and thank our legends. Their wisdom, passion, resilience and commitment to Drama education is clear in their interviews and will hopefully serve to inspire emerging Drama teachers. The fact that 20% of our MAMA interviewees are either Doctors or Associate Professors is an indication of the incredible breadth of knowledge that exists amongst our MAMA legends. We would also like to thank our panel of interviewers and our videographers for their time and effort, and Drama Victoria and Drama Australia for generously supporting our MAMA project.


Watch the Drama Victoria MAMA Interviews

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You can also listen to the MAMA interviews via the The Aside PodcastHosted by Nicholas Waxman, The Aside Podcast exists to educate Victorian drama teachers and students about all things theatre. The Aside Podcasts are a free resource supported by Drama Victoria - Australia’s oldest Drama Association.