The Aside Podcast

The Aside Podcast exists to educate Victorian drama teachers and students about all things theatre. it is hosted by Nicholas Waxman. The Aside Podcasts are a free resource supported by Drama Victoria - Australia’s oldest Drama Association



The Aside Podcast Script TeaseThe Aside Podcast Script Tease is a playlist where The Aside talks through some of the world’s greatest plays. Jumps through the major plot points, gives some background and of course, spoils the endings – all in less than 5 minutes. The Aside does the hard work so you can do the easy listening.

Plays from these styles: Ancient Greek Theatre, Noh, Elizabethan, Commedia, Expressionism, Absurdsim, Verbatim, Magic Realims, Australian drama, First Nations, + many more
And these playwrights: Euripides, Jane Harrison, Aphra Behn, Bertolt, Brecht, Ray Lawler, Jack Davis, Lorraine Harrison, Alfred Harry, Eugene Ionesco, + many more