Information for Students

Why Study Drama?

There are a lot of questions that come up for students when they see that Drama is an option in VCE. What is this strange and incredible subject? Where can it take me? And how can I be involved?

This page aims to answer a number of those important questions to help students make some informed decisions about choosing Drama and/or Theatre Studies in VCE!

The focus questions are:

What kind of person can do Drama?

Anyone can study Drama! From people who enjoy acting and performing, to writers, to designers, to builders, to those who just want to build up some confidence. It is a subject for everyone! 

Why should you choose Drama and/or Theatre Studies in VCE?

There are many reasons why you might want to choose Drama and/or Theatre Studies in VCE. From performing opportunities, studying theatre history, learning design and building confidence, VCE Drama and Theatre Studies offer so many incredible options for every student.

Have a read of some of the testimonials given from students all around Victoria who study VCE Drama and VCE Theatre Studies.

"I think I chose drama for a lot of the opportunities it presents to try new things and to execute my own creative kind of works in a space that has the resources, has the support, has the friendly faces to do so, and to just get an opportunity to really explore what I want to. It's also a really good opportunity to learn how to not only perform, but to present and speak in front of others, and to engage people in a way that you might not have the skills to before. It's a really good zone for developing those kind of performance skllls." VCE Student, Brunswick Secondary College

"Choosing Drama was always a no brainer for me, as performing has always provided me with some incredible memories and happiness throughout my life. The opportunity to create your own work, from complete scratch, also seemed a unique task, and ultimately proved to be extremely rewarding." University of Melbourne Acting Student

What is the difference between VCE Theatre Studies and Drama?

Thinking about doing VCE Drama or VCE Theatre Studies and still not sure of the difference. The major difference between the two is the one is text-based theatre and one is devised theatre.

In VCE Theatre Studies, you work with existing texts to create your own interpretations of full plays, scenes and solo monologues.

In VCE Drama, you create self-devised plays, scenes and solo monologues from stimulus material.

Although they both offer the opportunity for group and solo performances, their approach to creating dramatic work is different.

What kind of work (assessments) do you do in VCE Drama and/or Theatre Studies? 

In VCE Drama & VCE Theatre Studies, there is a mix of key written tasks and key performance tasks.
The key written tasks come in the form of:

  • Research tasks 
  • Written exams
  • Performance analysis tasks

The key performance tasks come in the form of:

  • Group performance tasks
  • Solo performance tasks

Have a read of some of the testimonials given from students all around Victoria who study VCE Drama and VCE Theatre Studies about what work they do in their subjects.

"In VCE Drama, we explore the different performance styles of theatre like Epic Theatre, Theatre of Cruelty, Commedia Dell'arte and many more. We also frequently work as a team creating improvisations and short performances which help us prepare for ensembles at the end of semester one. Additionally, we focus on character development where we are always pushed out of our comfort zone and challenged, to help us improve our characterization which leads into semester two where we begin our solos." VCE Drama student - Rowville Secondary College

"In VCE Drama, we work on devising and performing both solo and group performances, go to the theatre and see plays and productions and work through how to analyse them in class. We also sometimes do some theory lessons about the different drama terminology that we need to know." VCE Drama student - Geelong Grammar

The key focus of studying these subjects is around creating a community. Fun is in the work and it sets you up for the workforce like nothing else can. You will wear lots of different hats and this will help prepare you for more than just work in the Arts!

What skills can I learn from doing VCE Drama and Theatre Studies?

There are a number of skills you gain from doing VCE Drama and Theatre Studies. A part from specific theatre performance and design skills such as acting, directing, costume designing, etc. There is also a focus on key literacy and analysis skills.

In relation to life skills, you develop a number of baseline management skills, public speaking skills and transferable skills that you can take into any field of work in the 21st and ongoing centuries.

What kind of jobs can I get if I do Drama or Theatre Studies in VCE? 

The important thing to understand about studying VCE Drama and VCE Theatre Studies is that it opens you up for an incredible future in many different facets of the workforce.
It goes without saying that you would have a lot of success in the Arts industry through studying these subjects but as the skills are so transferable, the possibilities are endless.

The "Theatre Economy" visual gives you an idea of the wonderful opportunities that await you if you study VCE Drama and/or Theatre Studies.

What are some key university/TAFE courses I could pursue if I have done VCE Drama and/or Theatre Studies?

There are a number of fantastic Performing Arts/Arts Industry based courses you can think about doing which directly lead you to some incredible university and TAFE courses in Victoria.

Click on the links to take you to each university course guide website.

Victorian College of the Arts

  • Bachelor of Acting and Theatre
  • Bachelor of Creative Arts and Music Therapy
  • Bachelor of Design and Production
  • Bachelor of Film and Television
  • Bachelor of Music Theatre
  • Bachelor of Writing


  • Bachelor of Acting
  • Bachelor of Design for Performance
  • Bachelor of Costume
  • Bachelor of Properties and Objects
  • Bachelor of Scenic Construction and Technologies
  • Bachelor of Theatrical Theatre and Stage Management

Federation University

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts

University of Melbourne

  • Bachelor of Arts

Deakin University

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Drama)
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Film, Television and Animation

Monash University 

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Theatre and Performance
  • Bachelor of Film and Screen Studies


  • Bachelor of Screen and Media

SAE - Creative Media Institute

  • Diploma of Sound Production

WAAPA (Interstate)

  • Bachelor of Acting
  • Bachelor of Arts Management
  • Bachelor of Music Theatre
  • Bachelor of Performing Arts
  • Bachelor of Production and Design

These are just to name a few as there a bunch more as well. It’s important to note that there are a number of courses that are also suitable for a VCE Drama and/or Theatre Studies student that may not be Performing Arts/The Arts based.

Have a read of this testimonial from a University of Melbourne student currently studying Performing Arts.

"I believe many opportunities arise from VCE Drama and Theatre Studies from the aspects of employment or education. Personally, it strengthened my views on a potential move to studying teaching performing arts down the track. Having studied Drama, I learnt to adapt to situations, as they constantly were adjusting, and also the ability to compromise and be patient. These would be lessons I would take into teaching. It also supported my want in auditioning for Performing Arts dedicated Uni courses. Being in an environment full of “drama kids” was always a comfortable and productive place for me." University of Melbourne Acting Student

How would it affect your ATAR? Scaling?

AR scaling is unavoidable and unpredictable.  Focus on what you want to do. You are more likely to succeed in something you like and are passionate about.

What’s the best thing about doing Drama and/or Theatre Studies in VCE?

We’ll let the wonderful students from all around Victoria tell you the best thing about studying VCE Drama and VCE Theatre Studies.

"You find a lot of creative and really uplifting people in drama. They become your friends really quickly because it's all about working together and in a space like this you build some kind of tightness with the people around you. You're working on these close, creative projects end up. Yeah, you meet a lot of good people." VCE Drama student - Brunswick Secondary College

"I personally enjoy the performing aspect of Drama! The solos are also a lot of fun! They can be stressful and daunting, but it is such a great feeling when you create a solo that is your own and then perform it to others." VCE Drama student - Rowville Secondary College 

"I would say the best thing is that you just have  to go for it, as although it will constantly challenge you, it will also be very rewarding and help your public speaking skills, problem-solving skills and your overall confidence immensely. It is definitely a worthwhile challenge and I would highly recommend giving it a go." VCE Drama student - Geelong Grammar

"I think the best thing about drama is that you are always learning and being pushed. Allowing you to not only grow your knowledge around drama and theatre but also grow as a person, as it gives you a creative outlet and helps you build your confidence in everyday life." VCE Drama student - Rowville Secondary College

"I always loved going to drama class, mainly due to the class itself. Because the environment was so safe, and of course, fun, everyone just supported each other as we all loved what we were doing. There is always something special about that bond of drama students! " University of Melbourne Acting Student

What is Drama Victoria? How can it help me as a student? 

Drama Victoria is an organisation that is set up to support Drama teachers and students in Victoria. 

It provides resources, workshops and opportunities for all students to take part in curricular and co-curricular Drama & Theatre Studies opportunities.

If you are looking for information about any coursework you might be doing in VCE Drama & VCE Theatre Studies, Drama Victoria has a bunch of incredible connections to teachers, professionals who work in the Arts industry and a stack of amazing resources you might need for your class work.