MASK 2.0 - An Interview with Darcy Brown

Drama Victoria President, Lyndy Clarke, in conversation with Darcy Brown who has just completed his Melbourne season of the one man show 'Peddling' at the MTC.

Mask 2.0 - An Interview with Dan Giovannoni...

Mask 2.0 - An Interview with Dan Giovannoni...

Dan Giovannoni is playwright and arts educator. He has written plays for adults and children, including the multi-award winning and widely toured VCE Drama Playlisted Cut Snake, Jurassica (Red Stitch), and Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories (Barking Gecko Theatre Company). Vanessa O’Neill spoke to Dan about his latest play Turbine, which has been commissioned by Malthouse Theatre for the 2016 – 17 Suitcase Series program.

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